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USA : What to expect from Lyft Insurance :Insurance for Lyft Drivers

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Lyft is a privately held, San Francisco–based American transportation network company. The company's mobile-phone application facilitates peer-to-peer ridesharing by connecting passengers who need a ride to drivers who have a car.

You must be at least 21 years old to drive with Lyft, with an active U.S. driver's license for at least 1 year. 21 years is the minimum age to apply to be a Lyft driver. You can create a passenger account at 18. And while riding you should have a valid Insurance for Car and Passenger and Driver.

To know more about lyft insurance, you have to understand the basic information used about it. With lyft insurance, the personal insurance is also your insurance policy. Lyft offers the Contingent Liability in order to protect you when the personal insurance is not able to protect you. The collision claim will not be covered under such insurance and you have to go through the personal auto insurance to see if you can be covered.

lyft insurance  lyft driver insurance  lyft car insurance  insurance for lyft drivers  lyft insurance issues

The lyft insurance policy has the liability coverage under the personal insurance and it had been designed in covering the liability for the property damage with the bodily injury for the passengers and for the third parties. The contingent liability coverage had been designed to offer the coverage when the app is found in a driver mode before the user can receive the ride request and before the personal insurance responds. This policy comes with 50,000 dollars maximum for each person and 100,000 dollars for each accident and for the property damage, it is 25%. The policy does not involve any deductible but it will not cover any collision and it means that you are the one to cover for the repairs on the car.

The lyft driver insurance wants to ensure the safety of the drivers and the goal is to ensure safe, reliable and comfortable ride.  From the beginning, the policy has been designed to have the features that will protect the entire community. People now say that they like to use the drivers under Lyft because they feel that they are safer.

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The lyft car insurance, besides the liability insurance, it has also the dedicated and trust and safety team to 24/7 support and this offers the car ultimate peace of the mind.
The company has the custom care team which is available around the clock and it takes good care of the community. When you are involved into the accident or any incident that may threaten your safety, then you should call the 911 and then call the lyft response line that will be accessible anytime you want.

Before the insurance for lyft drivers is given to anyone, his background check will be performed from the professional third party background and from the DMV checks.  The criminal background is done on the country and national level and the records are stretched back to reach to the minimum of 7 years by reviewing all the convictions and it can be even longer in some cases.

For the car to be included into the lyft and insurance, they have to be screened well and the cars should not be over 12 years old before they can be driven on the road. The insurance lyft has zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drug use for its drivers. The passengers and the drivers can rate each other. When people are rated 3 stars and below, then they will not be matched anymore.  Lyft is serious about the ratings it gets about the drivers.  The insurance is activated from the first time that a drivers flips into the driving mode until he finished the job for the day.

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