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USA : Uber Insurance Policy: Uber Driver Insurance- All You Wanted to Know

If you're one of those thinking about driving for a Uber, uber insurance policy is one of the most important issues to understand, since you will want to make sure that you – and your passengers – are protected in case of an accident. You may want to know are Uber Drivers Insured & about Uber Insurance Issues.
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In order to drive for Uber, you must purchase a car insurance policy. But what is the right kind of policy for you?

From the second you get into any Uber Vehicle (e.g. uberX, UberBLACK, UberSuv) until the moment you’re dropped off, your ride is covered by Uber commercial liability insurance. This is applicable for every trip in every city around the world. In the U.S. specifically, Uber ridesharing has become a popular choice, and Uber is the one of the first company to ensure end-to-end insurance for uber drivers for ridesharing, with drivers on uberX protected by even liability coverage even between trips.
Uber Insurance Policy is a complicated topic because of these factors:

Uber Vehicles are used for both personal and business use.
Uber do not consider the drivers to be its employees.
Uber Vehicles are owned by the drivers, not by Uber.

These make Uber drivers in gray area to choose between personal car insurance policies that exclude any coverage for business use of a vehicle, on the other hand, and Uber Commercial Insurance Policy are too expensive for part time Uber Driver.

Now Uber do provide a certain level of insurance to their drivers, and many insurance companies are creating certain insurance products to specifically serve uber insurance for drivers, insurance for uber drivers.

Insurance Provided By Uber

Partners who drive for Uber use their own private vehicles, and when they are using their vehicles for personal use, Uber will take no responsibility for things that go wrong. So any accidents will be covered from the driver’s own policy if the car is being used for personal driving.
Once the driver turns on the Uber smartphone app that’s used to communicate with riders, some level of insurance kicks in, but the Insurance coverage depends on what phase you are in the process of offering rides to customers. The chart below uber insurance for drivers works at each of the stages of the ride-hailing process.

What uber car insurance you should buy

In order to drive for Uber, you must purchase a car insurance policy. But what is the right kind of policy for you? There are three options:

Personal car insurance :Uber prefers -You should have a personal car insurance policy which provides a sufficient level of coverage. Most car insurance companies & some state and local insurance regulators though disagree. Personal car insurance policies typically exclude coverage for any business use of your vehicle. Unfortunately, Uber don’t provide any guidance on what types and levels of coverage to buy, other than to meet the state minimums. But make no mistake, if you drive for Uber you are taking on additional risk, when driving for personal reasons and when logged in to the app and waiting for a fare.

Uber Commercial car insurance :Traditionally, taxis and other vehicles being driven for business purposes have been covered by commercial insurance policies. So one way to play it safe is to purchase a commercial policy instead of a personal one. But this is impractical for most drivers, since it would mean first getting a commercial driver’s license, and, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, these policies tend to cost between $5,000 and $7,000 per year.

Tips For Uber  uber insurance Policy

1. Plan for insurance costs. Calculate what you think you’ll earn asUber Driver after paying all expenses, make sure to factor in realistic costs for the insurance you must purchase.
2. Uber consider their drivers to be independent contractors. This is a clear signal that you need to understand your own risks and to take steps to protect yourself and your finances in case of damages raising a question are uber drivers insured ?
3. Stay on top of the news. Uber have improved their insurance coverage to address the concerns of regulators & drivers. State laws are changing. And today’s new trial offerings from many Insurance companies may become mainstream products in the near future.
5. Get the maximum insurance you can afford. If you’re held responsible for an accident that costs more than your insurance cover, you are financially responsible for the full loss. If you don’t have enough insurance, you could be putting your home and your savings at risk.
6. Seek advice from others. Local independent insurance agents the community of local drivers may know about affordable insurance options you should consider.

Whats Uber Official Website Says about Uber Driver Insurance.

$1 million of liability coverage per incident. Uber holds a commercial insurance policy with $1 million of coverage per incident. Drivers’ liability to third parties is covered from the moment a driver accepts a trip to its conclusion. This policy is expressly primary to any personal auto coverage (However it will not take precedence over any commercial auto insurance for the vehicle). We have provided a $1 million liability policy since commencing ridesharing in early 2013.

$1 million of uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage per incident. In December 2013, we also added uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. In the event that another motorist causes an accident with an uberX vehicle and doesn’t carry adequate insurance, this policy covers bodily injury to all occupants of the rideshare vehicle. This is important to ensure protection in a hit and run.

Contingent comprehensive and collision insurance. If a ridesharing driver holds personal comprehensive and collision insurance this policy covers physical damage to that vehicle that occurs during a trip up to the actual cash value of the vehicle, for any reason, with a $1,000 deductible.

No fault coverage (e.g., Personal Injury Protection) is provided in certain states at similar levels as limos or taxis in those cities.

$50,000/$100,000/$25,000 of contingent coverage between trips.** During the time that a ridesharing partner is available but between trips, most personal auto insurance will provide coverage. However the driver is also backed by an additional policy that covers driver liability for bodily injury up to $50,000/individual/accident with a total of $100,000/accident and up to $25,000 for property damage. This policy is contingent to a driver’s personal insurance policy, meaning it will only pay if the personal auto insurance completely declines or pays zero. This policy meets or exceeds the requirements for 3rd party liability insurance in every state in the U.S.

As always, all UberBLACK, UberSUV, or uberTAXI rides are provided by commercially licensed and insured partners and drivers. Those transportation providers are covered by commercial insurance policies, in accordance with local and state requirements. We are proud of these policies. We continue to look for ways to do more to ensure safety on the road for our transportation providers and their passengers. As we continue collaborating with the insurance industry and other stakeholders, there will be more to come.

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