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10 Best Car for Uber Drivers -UberX Cars | USA 2016

10 Best Car for Uber Drivers -UberX Cars | USA 2016

If you are planning to become Uber Driver in USA, you should know few things especially best car for uber. Our research says in USA UberX is the most popular Uber service so you must select best cars for uber which fits UbeX standards. There are Posh category like UberBlack.

If I had to driver for Uber, I would pick the cheapest hybrid or electric car which is best car for uberx and also has good build quality.  You want to optimize for lowest cost over all of your rides, and that includes maintenance for your car breaking.

We would help you understand the different best car for uber driver that you could compare with and each one’s potential benefit. At the end your Uber car choice can make a difference of up to a couple of hundred dollars a month in buying & running costs.

Uber puts requirements for Uber Cars, among them is having a newer car, at minimum a 2000 model or later.  In cities, like New York, it must be as new as 2011.

For UberX service, your best bet is a compact 4-door sedan. Here are some uberx approved cars which are best car for uberx

Best car for Uber driver – UberX Approved cars

1. Toyota Corolla: Cost around $32,000. So 5 year cost to own would be at annual cost of  average $6,234 or nearly $120 per week. Forbes ranked the 2014 Corolla as one of the cheapest cars to own. Its 2015 model KBB consumer rating 8.1/10 & you can buy Used Toyota Corolla (2010) at $9,500.

2. Honda Civic:  The new 2016 Model  would come around at 30,000$ - So 5 year cost to own of $30,863, which works out to $6,172 or about $118 per week. 2015 model is having KBB consumer rating of  9.1/10, also you can get Used (2010) Honda Civic from : $10,000

3. Third Best best car for Uber is Hyundai Elantra : 5-year cost to own is $34,000

4. Chevrolet Cruze is another prime candidate for UberX service, It has a 5-year cost to own of $35,000 which is around $131 per week.

5. Nissan Altima is slightly larger and considered as one of the best uber cars, comes at around $38,000 which is 140$ weekly.

6. Toyota Prius is a hit among Uber drivers too. 5-Year Cost to Own of $35,000

7. Toyota Camry has a 5-Year Cost to Own of $38,500$

8. Kia Forte 5-Year Cost to Own of $34,000

9. Chevrolet Cruze is another best cars for uber with 5 years cost just over $34,000

10. Last but one of the powerful one is Dodge Dart, 5 years cost just over $34,000

Should You Used Cars or a New Cars for Uber ?

This is a common Question in Mind. If you want to buy new, old or leasing the same new car in terms of out-of-pocket costs? If you decide to buy a used car, how much will you save?

As an Uber or Lyft driver, these questions are very important. It’s hard to give an answer that covers all situations, but lets take a practical example with estimated numbers. We’re looking at an average car ownership of five years.

Let’s take a 2016 Toyota Prius priced at $35,000 as an example.

Buying New: To buy this Prius priced at $35,000, we chose a five-year loan with a 20% down payment, which is $6000. At an interest rate of 3%, the monthly payment is approximately $500.

Buying Used: Let’s say a 3 year old Prius has used retail value of about $17,000. We chose a four-year loan with 10% down, which is $1,700. We finance the purchase at 3.5% (used car loans are a bit higher than new-car loans) for four years. The monthly payment is approximately $375.

Total Out-Of-Pocket Costs:

Buying New: $35,000
Buying Used: $19,000

And if we take the value of the car into consideration at the end of five-year ownership. Let’s assume about $13,000 for the new car, and about $6,000 for the used one:

Final Costs:
Buying New: $16,000
Buying Used: $13,000

So there is not much difference at the end of five years, but that a long period you know..

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